Cubaney Rum

Just arrived from the Dominican Republic, Cubaney rums are produced by one of the most well-known of rum families (the Oliver’s) who began making rum in the early 19th century in Cuba, earning a place amongst the world’s best by the late 1860s. The Cuban revolution halted production and the family fled the country. It was not until the 1980’s that the original formulas were re-discovered and the family began reproducing rum with the help of Cuban Maestros Roneros in the Dominican Republic. Highly regarded amongst the region’s distilleries, Cubaney’s rums have been internationally acclaimed.

The chosen one: Cubaney Solera Reserve 8 Year Old Rum


My impression:

Very, very fruity – juicy oranges explode throughout the mouth! A smoky note develops. Hints of dark chocolate and toasted malt.

In the press:

This is a rum of big class. Aged for more than eight years in small oak casks and aged in wine vaults of high Caribbean temperatures, this is one the best commercial rums. It is fragrant, it has oak tones and of toasted – burned yet a very agreeable (pleasant) aroma. It is sweet and thick, it is rum of taste and character, it is long in the flavour, which allows it to be felt with a few short and sweet notes, it is very tasty as a whole. Dry, with a colour old bronze, with a natural, very brilliant texture. It is an excellent rum to drink neat. It has complex aromas of wood and cane plantation that make it a world class rum. GOLD MEDAL WINNER, INTERNATIONAL SPIRITS AWARDS

A little about the craftsman: Pedro Ramon Lopez Oliver

1. Could you please explain your rum- making process?

Oliver rums acquire their rum already distilled from multiple island location around the Caribbean. The reason being they can choose the best quality product from the island that has had the best year for sugar cane production.

Hurricanes, floods and earthquakes have damaged the Dominican republic and many other Caribbean islands over time. If you had your own sugar cane crop destroyed then your production ceases for that season, something that can’t happen.

2. What’s one thing everyone should know about rum production?

The majority of producers are now at such a size that commercial operations have taken over what was once a hand crafted process. Oliver rums still hand fill every bottle, hand stick all the labels, hand place the lids and corks. It is this time honoured tradition that hasn’t changed for 200 years.

3. What are some classic food and rum pairings and what are your favourite rum based drinks?

A dark 100% chocolate and an aged rum over 15 years is an amazing pairing. Another favourite is homemade quality vanilla ice-cream with Cubaney white rum poured over the top. The vanilla and chocolate notes are a match made in heaven. I’m a sucker for a quality daiquiri, dark and stormy, Boston sidecar is now on my top 3 cocktails.

4. Besides your own rum, what are some of your favourite rums? What do you like about them?

Eldorado 12 year, Montecristo, Quorhum, Opthimus full range, Unihq, English harbour 10 year, Shipwrecked spiced. They all represent quality, absolute quality made rums. Nothing flashy, no mass production with gimmicks, just quality rum.

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